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Book 3 of the America Series


“An extraordinary and deftly crafted novel.” – Midwest Book Review

The 1968 Tet uprising drives America deeper into the abyss of Vietnam and plunges Troy and the woman he loves into great danger. Martin Luther King is shot, and riots rage in 130 burning American cities. Students protesting the War take over American universities, and street battles in Paris nearly topple the French government. Senator Eugene McCarthy enters the Democratic presidential race against Lyndon Johnson, followed by Bobby Kennedy, who goes on to win the California Democratic primary.

Mick joins the Paris student street battles, but disavows violence and returns to the US to work in Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Daisy leaves Stanford to also work in Bobby’s campaign. Bobby is murdered, under the direction of a CIA operative whom Mick recognizes from the coup in Indonesia.

Tara faces tragedy with her band, and spirals into heroin addiction. Mick goes underground as the FBI begins to hunt him, planning to imprison him for ten years as an antiwar organizer. Troy faces increasing perils as the Vietnam War widens into Cambodia and Laos. American astronauts land on the moon and safely return to earth.

Tara and her band shine at Woodstock. The My Lai massacre is revealed, further darkening the tragedy in Vietnam, and America teeters on the edge of revolution.

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First Reviews

“An extraordinary and deftly crafted novel that combines interesting characters within the context of an historically detailed background… an inherently entertaining… fascinating read.” – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“The narrative moves into the incredibly turbulent late 1960s, dramatizing a tight progression of well-known social and political events: riots in Paris, the Woodstock music festival, civil rights marches, the assassinations of the Rev. Martin Luther King and Sen. Robert Kennedy, and, looming over everything, the war in Vietnam.” – KIRKUS

“An adventure through America’s rich and compelling history – a provocative and engaging read.” – MOVIES, SHOWS & BOOKS

“A vivid world for the reader to get caught up in.” – BOOKS AND MORE

“A memorable read.” – ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

“The characters are so vivid and alive…” – THE TIMES-NEWS ONLINE

“A testament to the effect the politics and moral revolution have had on America.” – MIAMI TIMES

“A coming-of-Age Masterpiece.” – BOOKTRIB

“The writing is wonderful throughout.” – THE OREGONIAN

“Mike Bond is a masterful storyteller.” – SACRAMENTO BEE

“Bond’s ability to infuse his real-world experiences into a fast-paced story is unequaled.” – CULTURE BUZZ

“Brings to mind classic coming-of-age masterpieces such as Look Homeward, Angel.” – THE DAILY NEWS