The Drum That Beats Within Us


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Poetry of the Rocky Mountains, of wilderness and the world, of human passion and destiny. An award-winning poet and critically acclaimed novelist, Mike Bond shares his deep love for our magnificent western forests, mountains and wild open spaces, his profound expression of the joys and tragedies of love and of life’s greatest existential questions.

First published by Lawrence Ferlinghetti in City Lights Books, Bond has won multiple prizes for his poetry and fiction, and now brings the multitude of his diverse experiences to his remarkable new book of poetry, THE DRUM THAT BEATS WITHIN US: Poems by Mike Bond (Big City Press; November 20, 2018).

Prefacing the book is his insightful essay on why poetry is an essential part of cognitive awareness, how we find meaning in the incomprehensible, beautiful, tragic and sacred mystery of life.

Reading poems, Bond says, enlarges our personal awareness of life’s exuberance, its terrible destiny. We learn in our own lives from the visions of others.

Writing poems is a window into ourselves, standing before a mirror to see who we are. To connect with the spirit of the world, which is true but always unknown.

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Praise for The Drum That Beats Within Us:

“Like a drum that beats from within, his poetry courses, rhythmic and true through his works… Eye-opening and a joy to read.” – BookTrib

“Bond asks us to look at the poetry that is all around us and the poetry that has been with us since the dawn of time. His poems are comforting, challenging, and thought provoking.” – Bound2Books

“Such a beautiful book of poetry… heartbreaking, romantic, sad, savvy, and nostalgic all at once… Truly beautiful.” – Random Thoughts

“I love the poetic flow and voice of Bond’s writing.  There wasn’t one poem that I didn’t like or find beautifully constructed.” – Goodreads

“A beautiful collection of poetry that will make the adult reader remember his childhood draw to the West.” – NetGalley