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Book 3 of the America Series

The 1968 Tet uprising drives America deeper into the abyss of Vietnam and plunges Troy and the woman he loves into great danger. Martin Luther King is shot, and riots rage in 130 burning American cities. Students protesting the War take over American universities, and street battles in Paris nearly topple the French government. Senator Eugene McCarthy enters the Democratic presidential race against Lyndon Johnson, followed by Bobby Kennedy, who goes on to win the California Democratic primary…

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Book 2: The Decade That Transformed America

From the war-shattered jungles of Vietnam to America’s burning cities, near-death in Tibet, peace marches, the battle of Hué and the battle of the Pentagon, wild drugs, rock concerts, free love, CIA coups in Indonesia and Greece, the Six Days’ War, and Bobby Kennedy’s last campaign, Freedom puts you in the Sixties as if it were now.

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Book 1: The Decade That Transformed America

The Sixties shook America to its foundation – the assassination of an idealistic young president, a tragic and unpopular war, a battle for civil rights, a cosmic clash of riots and burning cities, and an explosion of sex, drugs and rock’n roll.

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Goodbye Paris

Special Forces veteran Pono Hawkins races from Tahiti to France when a terrorist he’d thought was dead has a nuclear weapon to destroy Paris. Joining allies from US and French intelligence, Pono faces impossible odds to save the most beautiful city on earth. Alive with covert action and insider details from the war against terrorism, Goodbye Paris is a hallmark Mike Bond thriller: tense, exciting, and full of real places, and that will keep you up all night. “A rip-roaring page-turner.” – CULTURE BUZZ

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Three hunters find a crashed plane of cocaine in the Montana wilderness. Two steal the cocaine and are soon hunted by the Mexican cartel, the DEA, Las Vegas killers, and the police of several states. From the frozen peaks of Montana to the heights of Wall Street, the Denver slums and million-dollar Vegas tables, Snow is an electric portrait of today’s America, the invisible line between good and evil, and what people will do in their frantic search for love and freedom. “Action-packed adventure.” – DENVER POST

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…MULTIPLE THRILLERS, THREE LOVE STORIES, and a dissection of our present geopolitical tragedies, Assassins is also a meditation on the deepest duties of a warrior toward those he loves, those he commands, and the nation he serves.
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Killing Maine Winner 2016 New England Book Festival for Fiction

. . . cold, rugged Maine becomes a hot bed of intrigue, murder, and greed, making it difficult for the residents, who love the land and this beautiful state, to continue to live the lives that they have chosen. Pono Hawkins returns to rescue his Special Forces buddy who is wrongly accused of murder.
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Saving Paradise

. . . alive with the sights, sounds, people and beauty of Hawaii, Saving Paradise is a deeply rich portrait of “the seamy side of paradise”, and an exciting thriller of politics, corporate evil, lies and remorseless murder.
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Holy War

. . . “A story to chill and haunt you.” Based on the author’s own experiences in the Battle of Beirut and the Lebanese War, Holy War has been praised for its portrayal of battle and its journalistic and political realism. “A supercharged thriller.” (Evening Telegraph)
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House of Jaguar

. . . “a riveting thriller of murder, politics, and lies”, based on the author’s experiences as the last foreign correspondent left alive in Guatemala after over 150 had been murdered by CIA-backed deaths squads.
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The Last Savanna

. . a manhunt through Kenyan jungles, mountains and sun-scorched savannas as a former SAS officer and his elite anti-poaching squad hunt Somali elephant killers who have kidnapped the woman he loves.
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Tibetan Cross

. . . an American climber in the Himalayas stumbles on a CIA shipment of backpack nuclear weapons and is hunted across Asia, North Africa, Europe and America in this exciting international best-seller.
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