Holy War

A terrific book.” – GREAT BOOK ESCAPES

Based on the author’s experiences in Middle East conflicts, Holy War is the story of the battle of Beirut, of implacable hatreds and frantic love affairs, of explosions, betrayals, assassinations, snipers and ambushes. An American spy, a French commando, a Hezbollah terrorist and a Palestinian woman guerrilla all cross paths on the deadly streets and fierce deserts of the Middle East. “A profound tale of war… Impossible to stop reading.”BRITISH ARMED FORCES BROADCASTING



The Battle of Beirut is worse than Hell, an irrational maelstrom of implacable hatreds and inconceivable suffering, of screaming bombs and exploding shells, crashing buildings, sniper battles, and deadly ambushes. Neill, a war correspondent on a secret mission for Britain’s MI6 intelligence agency, is trying to find Mohammed, a Hezbollah terrorist leader who may be willing to stop the slaughter and destruction.André, a French commando, is also looking for Mohammed, to kill him in revenge for the death of his brother, blown up with over 400 US Marines and French paratroopers by Hezbollah. For Rosa, a remorseless and passionate Palestinian guerrilla, Mohammed is one of the few hopes left for her people, and she will give her life to protect him. And for lovely Anne-Marie, André is the only one who can rescue her from Hell.Based on the author’s own experiences in the Battle of Beirut and the Lebanese War, Holy War has been praised for its portrayal of battle and its journalistic and political realism. “A supercharged thriller . . . A story to chill and haunt you.” (Evening Telegraph) “A profound tale of war” (British Armed Forces Broadcasting).

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Praise for Holy War

Action-filled thriller.” – MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS (UK)

This suspense-laden novel has a never-ending sense of impending doom… An unyielding tension leaves a lasting impression.” – KIRKUS

“A profound tale of war… Impossible to stop reading.” − BRITISH ARMED FORCES BROADCASTING

A terrific book… The smells, taste, noise, dust, and fear are communicated so clearly.” – GREAT BOOK ESCAPES

A supercharged thriller… A story to chill and haunt you.” − PETERBOROUGH EVENING TELEGRAPH (UK)

A tale of fear, hatred, revenge, and desire, flicking between bloody Beirut and the lesser battles of London and Paris.” − EVENING HERALD (UK)

“If you are looking to get a driver’s seat look at the landscape of modern conflict, holy wars, and the Middle East then this is the perfect book to do so.” – MASTERFUL BOOK REVIEWS


A gripping tale of passion, hostage- taking and war, set against a war-ravaged Beirut.” − EVENING NEWS (UK)

A stunning novel of love and loss, good and evil, of real people who live in our hearts after the last page is done…Unusual and profound.” − GREATER LONDON RADIO

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