Goodbye Paris


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Special Forces veteran Pono Hawkins races from a Tahiti surfing competition to France when he learns that a terrorist he’d thought was dead, Mustafa al-Boudienne, has a backpack nuclear weapon and plans to destroy Paris. Pono was once Mustafa’s prisoner, and he is now the only one left alive to identify him.

Joining allies from US and French intelligence, including a fearless and brilliant French agent, Anne Ronsard, with whom he soon falls in love, Pono faces impossible odds to stop Mustafa before he can destroy the most beautiful city on earth.

Third in the Pono Hawkins series after best-selling Saving Paradise and Killing Maine, the newest Pono thriller takes the reader into never-before revealed depths of covert action on three continents, insider secrets in the war against terrorism, and intense memories of combat in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Alive with covert action and unknown details of the war against terrorism, Goodbye Paris is a hallmark Mike Bond thriller: tense, exciting, and full of real places, and that will keep you up all night.

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Praise for Goodbye Paris:

“There’s tension, turmoil and drama on every page that’s hot enough to singe your fingers.  Read this one at your own risk, as you’ll be doing little else in the meantime.” – New York Times Besteller, Steve Berry

“Another enthralling story by Mike Bond… With non-stop action and strong character development, Bond’s take on terrorism is addictive and timely… Great read.” – NetGalley

“Mike Bond is my favorite author… and his books are nothing short of works of art… I could not put this book down once I started reading it, and even at the end I had to take some time to savor the story… Do yourself a favor. Buy this book and set aside some time to read it.” – Goodreads