Book 2: The Decade That Transformed America


From the war-shattered jungles of Vietnam to America’s burning cities, near-death in Tibet, peace marches, the battle of Hué and the battle of the Pentagon, wild drugs, rock concerts, free love, CIA coups in Indonesia and Greece, the Six Days’ War, and Bobby Kennedy’s last campaign, Freedom puts you in the Sixties as if it were now.

Mick leaves for the Himalayas while Troy heads to Vietnam with the Marines. Daisy starts her PhD in brain research, and Tara battles heroin as her rock band reaches stardom.

Troy is soon caught up in mind-numbing combat in Vietnam, while Mick returns to the States to lead the antiwar effort. Tara’s band signs a Motown contract amid the Detroit riots. At Stanford, Daisy expands her study of the human brain under LSD and other mind-altering drugs. Troy falls in love with a Vietnamese teacher and is slowly losing faith in the War.

Freedom ends the night before the Tet uprising in Vietnam that will change the War, and trap Troy and his beloved in the fires of hell.

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First Reviews

“An adventure through America’s rich and compelling history… a provocative and engaging read.” – MOVIES, SHOWS & BOOKS

“A coming-of-Age Masterpiece.” – ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

“Mike Bond is a masterful storyteller.” – SACRAMENTO BEE

“An extraordinary and deftly crafted novel that combines interesting characters within the context of an historically detailed background… an inherently entertaining… fascinating read from cover to cover… highly recommended.” – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“Bond’s ability to infuse his real-world experiences into a fast-paced story is unequaled.” – CULTURE BUZZ

“Mike Bond has done it again, focusing his formidable talents on yet another genre: the historical novel.” – THE DAILY NEWS

“Mike Bond’s books are a national treasure.” – ART ZUCKERMAN, WVOX

“Brings to mind classic coming-of-age masterpieces such as Look Homeward, Angel.” – BOOKTRIB

“The characters are so vivid and alive, you think you’re reading about old friends and recalling fond memories of youth.” – THE TIMES-NEWS ONLINE

“An involving, thoughtful tale that explores America’s tectonic shifts leading to Vietnam.” – KIRKUS

“This book is a winner because it introduces our tumultuous history with characters we can identify with, admire and root for.” – GOODREADS

“I was intrigued and engrossed the entire time… a vivid world for the reader to get caught up in.” – BOOKS AND MORE

“The most beautiful prose I have ever read.” – NETGALLEY

“We wonder if the youth of today will have to fight the same fights for the same rights all over again. It would behoove them to read this book.” – ARIZONA DAILY STAR

“The writing is wonderful throughout.” – SUNDAY OREGONIAN

“Mike Bond is one of the 21st Century’s most exciting authors.” – WASHINGTON TIMES