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Nuclear war is coming.
Can we stop it?
Or is it already
too late?

On an October night, far out in the South China Sea, a diver sets explosive charges under a huge oil platform. On the platform above, geologist Liz Chaplin stands watching the Southern Cross sink beneath the waves.

In New York, Ross Bullock, the CEO of Rawhide Energy and the platform’s owner, states on nationwide television that the U.S. has made a fatal mistake in Ukraine and is headed for nuclear war.

When the platform blows, Liz is the only survivor.

The White House, media, governments agencies, Congressional leaders, weapons industries, and financial markets join forces to attack Rawhide for its “disinformation” about the risk of nuclear war.

Days later, a huge explosion rocks Rawhide’s Wyoming refinery. A strange woman calls Ross from Moscow warning him of a government plot against him. Rawhide’s stock drops steeply. A competitor moves to take them over. Insurers refuse to pay for the platform and refinery losses, lenders pull their funds. Hackers attack Rawhide’s British electric subsidiary.

The White House refuses to negotiate an end to its war with Russia. Weapons industries’ profits soar as the slaughter in Ukraine and Middle East escalates. The nuclear powers intensify weapons production and threaten each other with nuclear war.

The chase intensifies an entire team of investigators, lawyers, intelligence operatives and internet and media experts begin to solve the puzzle, taking them from Wall Street and Wyoming to London, Moscow, Italy, Mongolia, Borneo, and Wuhan.

But nothing survives nuclear war.

Not even the President of the United States.

Will Ross be able to stop his own country from pushing Russia to the brink and destroying all life on earth?

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