Goodbye Paris

“There’s tension, turmoil and drama on every page that’s hot enough to singe your fingers. Read this one at your own risk.” – New York Times Besteller, Steve Berry

Can Paris be saved from a terrorist nuclear attack?      Or is it already too late?

Special Forces veteran Pono Hawkins is the only person left alive who can identify a terrorist planning to destroy Paris with a nuclear weapon. Working intensely with US and French intelligence, including the fearless and brilliant French agent, Anne Ronsard, he faces terrifying odds as he tries to save the most beautiful city on earth.

A searing thriller and stunning love story, Goodbye Paris plunges the reader into never-before revealed depths of covert action on three continents and insider secrets in the war against terrorism.

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The Drum that Beats Within Us

Bond’s poetry dances between reflections on the majesty of wilderness, the joys and sorrows of love, and passionate expressions of life’s greatest existential questions.” — Book Trib

Poetry of the Rocky Mountains, of wilderness and the world, of human passion and destiny. An award-winning poet and critically acclaimed novelist, Mike Bond shares his deep love for our magnificent western forests, mountains and wild open spaces, his profound expression of the joys and tragedies of love and of life’s greatest existential questions.

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A deadly manhunt from the Rocky Mountains to Wall Street, Las Vegas, TV Sports and the NFL

“An action-packed adventure.” — Denver Post

Three hunters — an NFL hero, a Wall Street broker, and a half-Cheyenne mountain man — find a crashed plane of cocaine in the Montana wilderness . Each has a reason to steal the coke – who will? From the frozen peaks of Montana to Wall Street, from the slums of Denver to the million-dollar tables at Vegas, Snow is “an action-packed thriller: and an electric portrait of modern American culture, the invisible line between good and evil, and what people will do in their frantic search for love and freedom.

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“An exhilarating spy novel” – Kirkus Reviews

From its terrifying start in the night skies of Afghanistan to its stunning end in the Paris terrorist attacks, Assassins is the story of the last 30 years of war between Islam and the West. DROP by parachute into the deadly mountains of Afghanistan. FIGHT door to door in the bloody cities of Iraq and the lethal deserts of Syria, the Sinai and Africa. FEEL the terror of battle inside a Russian tank, LIVE the power of passion and love when at any instant you both can die –

It’s all there, all real, in Assassins.

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Killing Maine

First Prize, 2016, New England Book Festival

“A terrifically entertaining read. Highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins quits sunny Hawaii for Maine’s brutal winter to help former SF buddy Bucky Franklin beat a murder rap. The same Bucky who once sent Pono to military prison then married his girlfriend Lexie. But in Special Forces you never leave a buddy behind no matter what they’ve done. Especially if they once saved your life.

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Saving Paradise

“An action packed, must read novel” – Washington Times

Hawaiian Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins hunts the killers of a beautiful young journalist, only to find them hunting him, and he blamed for her death.

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The Last Savanna

“Dynamic, heart-breaking and timely to current events… a must-read.” – Yahoo Reviews

SAS veteran Ian MacAdam leads a commando squad after the poachers of Kenya’s last elephants. The chase turns deadly when the poachers kidnap the woman he loves.

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House of Jaguar

“A riveting thriller of murder, politics, and lies.” − London Broadcasting

A tense thriller of CIA operations in Latin America, guerrilla wars, drug flights, environmental catastrophes and genocides, based on the author’s personal experience as a human rights journalist there.

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Holy War

“A gripping tale of passion, hostage-taking and war” − Evening News (UK)
A British agent and French commando in separate manhunts for a Hezbollah leader as the Battle of Beirut blazes around them. A tale of terror, love and courage.

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Tibetan Cross

“Grips the reader from the first page and never lets go.” — Miami Herald
A terrifying international manhunt, exciting love story and international best-seller. An American Himalayan climber in 1973 stumbles on a shipment of backpack nuclear weapons headed into Tibet for use against China. Pursued by spy agencies and other killers across Asia, North Africa, Europe and the United States, he is captured then rescued by a beautiful woman with whom he forms a deadly liaison. They escape, are captured and escape again, death always at their heels.

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Author Photo by ©PF Bentley (PFPIX.com)