Into the Unkown

IntoTheUnknown_webYesterday was bright and sunny, the sky deep blue, and the ridges of trees and grass on both sides of the path were iridescent green. It was a new trail to a new place, and as we climbed the fence to start our hike I was suddenly struck by that joyous feeling of stepping into the unknown.

A myriad of other expeditions came back to me: into uncharted mountains for weeks at a time, across the Sahara alone, or to islands where no one goes and forests that have never been trod. And for each there had been at the start that moment, that transformation from the everyday world into the mysterious unknown. A full-body rush of opening, excitement, the mind sensing new possibilities, new worlds.

It was a lovely hike, about five miles from a ridgetop down to the sea, a swim and lunch, and a climb back up another five miles in the blazing sun. Pure fun!

So whether we’re going up some wild river canyon or just a new trail in hills, either can take us to a new world out there and inside ourselves, and give us new impetus, peace, and joy.

Best-selling novelist, adventure writer and wanderer of the world’s unknown places, Mike Bond can be reached on

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