If Harvard and NREL say it, it must be true . . .

image001boarderedIt’s getting to be common knowledge that industrial wind projects (“farms”) don’t lower greenhouse gases or fossil fuel use. Though they destroy the environment and ruin communities and families, they do provide huge profits (paid by taxpayers) for the oil and energy companies that own them.

There have been hundreds of scientific studies proving that wind has no environmental benefits and many negative impacts, but it’s nice when a major perpetrator of false wind statistics, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), finally comes out and says it. Read what NREL says…

Even venerable old Harvard gets in the picture with its latest, stating that wind project costs are substantially underestimated, and their benefits overrated: Read what Harvard says…

So take hope, all of you out there facing a hideous taxpayer-gouging wind project that will destroy your region, your lifestyles and your health. Maybe we can Save Paradise!

2 thoughts on “If Harvard and NREL say it, it must be true . . .

    • Hi,

      What I’m saying is that due to the need for turbines to be backed up by fossil fuel or other fixed generation, the fossil fuel use creates as much greenhouse gases as if the turbines were not there at all.


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