Hawaii’s Den of Thieves

Hawaii’s Den of Thieves

by Mike Bond

Adapted from Testimony before the Hawaii County Planning Council

on Political Corruption in Hawaii

January 8, 2013

Aloha, Council Members,

I come to speak not just for myself but for my entire ohana [family]. The haole [European] side of our ohana has been on the Big Island since 1840. The kanaka [native Hawaiian] side of my family has been here for over a thousand years, since the first magician seafarers navigated their way across the vast Pacific on bamboo rafts to our beautiful islands. We are many hundreds of people not only on the Big Island but on every Hawaiian island.

As you know the present state of government in Hawaii is an international disgrace. Not long ago Money magazine rated Hawaii as the most politically corrupt of the 50 states – even worse, it said, than Russia. Things have got much worse since then.

Recently our Governor, Neil Abercrombie, and the majority of the Hawaii Legislature passed a bill, Act 55, that allows the Governor and a few of his friends to sell off our Hawaii public lands to their corporate friends at wholesale prices – with no environmental or public review. Millions of acres among the most unique and precious lands not only in Hawaii, not only in the United States, but in the entire world.

That’s nothing new for Governor Abercrombie or the Legislature. They have set new lows in the betrayal of the public trust, in their scorn for democracy and for the people of our state. Another example is the Governor’s determination to impose a enormous energy development on the magnificent islands of Molokai and Lanai, in order to pay off his corporate contributors in the energy and investment banking business.

Molokai, rated by National Geographic as the sixth most beautiful island in the world, and by Yahoo Travel and MSNBC as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world, will become a huge industrial zone to feed unnecessary electricity to Honolulu, which can generate all its own simply with rooftop solar. Lanai, owned by mega-tycoon Larry Ellison, is equally and stunningly beautiful.

These projects imposed on us by our politicians and their corporate friends are of such a stunning evil there is no way to comprehend them – a sort of Holocaust of Hawaii’s environment and the culture of our people.

Act 55, because it voids environmental, cultural, fiscal and social review, cannot be stopped by the public no matter how horrible it is. Hawaii has become like the old Soviet Union, where people had no voice, and the commissars in Moscow would decide to flood whole regions and chase out thousands of people to build dams and send the power to Moscow, where by the time it got there you couldn’t fry an egg with it.

Government in Hawaii is dirty politics behind closed doors. The corporations come to Hawaii with money and the politicians give them what they want. It is government by and for the corporations, not by and for the people.

It is time for us, the people, to take Hawaii back.

One thought on “Hawaii’s Den of Thieves

  1. The logic of the turbine builders and their supporters goes like this. We are going to lose so many species because of climate change that the destruction from our turbines and infrastructure it is the lesser of two evils. We should be able to kill off bird populations across the world because it is in our best interests. According to them they have taken the high road that will lead to our salvation.

    What nonsense, all this is in their best interests. If one buys into this twisted logic then why should we have any wildlife protection laws, wildlife agencies or conservation groups? According to them most of these species are going to die off anyway. This same logic is being used to ruin communities and run off with profits.. Or maybe we take it even further and use this logic to start killing, people are going to die anyway.

    Climate change may alter bird life but these turbines will absolutely slaughter off many
    rare protected species to extinction. Climate Change also means shifting precipitation
    patterns and changing ecosystems. Birds can fly and adapt, but not if they are killed
    off. And what about biodiversity and the important role birds play in our world? Where
    are the voices of reason? Where are the studies that will expose the hell we will have to pay for a turbine infested world?

    First and foremost everybody has to keep in mind the character of those behind this green madness. They receive incredible profits and even have their own tailored “credits” from taxpayers. These credits like the carbon credits and production tax credits actually are stolen tax dollars that could be used for real solutions. This is all supposed to be OK? Remember these same people think it is perfectly fine to rig science,conservation groups and politicians with their donations. They rig studies for a “their” desired outcome. They rig government agencies so they get free passes for their activities, and of course rig the media to keep the masses ignorant.

    Today we have got to see another trick from their playbook, parading ignorant celebrities like Derek Jeter in front of us from the World Economic Forum as their guest, so they can muster support for their turbines and endear themselves to taxpayers.

    Folks, this is what is going on. It is 100% complete insanity. It is even more insane that
    anyone would ever BELIEVE A WORD from these people.

    If readers remember nothing else, never forget this……. Climate change will never be solved with millions of wind turbines slaughtering off bird species and by robbing taxpayers, but it can be solved with ecosystem management.


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