Writing a book takes many people. There are so many people to thank for the creation of SAVING PARADISE it would take another book to explain it all.
Thanks go first and foremost to my wife, Peggy Lucas, whose detailed knowledge of and passion for whales and the ocean motivates many people, who not only created the book’s title and the lead villain’s name, but has been an inspiration to every day’s work, and for every book I’ve ever written.
And to Bob Diforio, by far the world’s greatest agent (and publisher), without whom this book may have never come to light. Bob’s energy, wisdom and determination are unparalleled, and any writer fortunate to work with Bob is lucky indeed.
And Jude Bond who designed the magnificent cover and interior layout, and encouraged me the whole way. As did our other sons, Lucas Bond  and David Bond – Lucas for his sharp editing eye and David for always telling me to write more books. And my sister, Leslie Waltman and all her ohana.
And to PF Bentley, a remarkable filmmaker and photographer, who graciously let me use one of his stupendous photographs for the cover.
Also to Sally Kaye, a wonderful editor, and her husband Robin, who keep the beautiful island of Lanai alive despite its corporate enemies. To Greg and Lailani Kahn, who do the same for Molokai, and to all the other Molokai heroes: Halona Kaopuiki , Kanohowailuku Helm and the Helm ohana, and all of the fine people who make I Aloha Molokai such a powerful and special community, to Byron Espaniola and Janeel Hew in Maunaloa, Henry Curtis and Kat Brady of Life of the Land, Teri Waros on Molokai and to the folks at The Molokai Dispatch, America’s best small-town newspaper.
And to my dear Molokai friends Robert Maughan and Hilda Rosenberg, to Elisa Seaman at The Islander Group, Amy Hammond of Special Events Hawaii, to Kate Mullen, Allen Beard, Diane Pike, Tom Olkowski, Jeanne Hayes, and Dave and Trish Derby.
And to all those people everywhere who love and defend Hawaii, and all beautiful and sacred places around the world, with aloha, and mahalo.