A decade that transformed America


The Sixties shook America to its foundation – the assassination of an idealistic young president, a tragic and unpopular war, a battle for
civil rights

America - Front Cover - Mike Bond Books

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Goodbye Paris - Mike Bond Books

Goodbye Paris

Special Forces veteran Pono Hawkins races from a Tahiti

The Drum That Beats Within Us - Mike Bond Books

The Drum That Beats

Poetry of the Rocky Mountains....

Snow - Mike Bond Books


A deadly manhunt from the Rocky Mountains to Wall Street...

Assassins - Mike Bond Books


From its terrifying start in the night skies of Afghanistan...

About the Author

Author of nearly a dozen best-selling novels, ecologist, war and human rights journalist, award-winning poet and international energy expert, Mike Bond has lived and worked in over thirty countries on seven continents. His works have been translated into many languages and have been praised by critics worldwide for their intricate plots, fascinating characters, extraordinary settings, and explosive pace. Based on his own experiences in dangerous, remote, and war-torn regions, his novels look deeply into the dark side of humans as well as the good…

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