Book 3 of the America Series


The 1968 Tet uprising drives America deeper into the abyss of Vietnam and plunges Troy and the woman he loves into great danger. Martin Luther King is shot, and riots rage in 130 burning American cities. Students protesting the War take over American universities, and street battles in Paris nearly topple the French government. Senator Eugene McCarthy enters the Democratic presidential race against Lyndon Johnson, followed by Bobby Kennedy, who goes on to win the California Democratic primary…

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America - Mike Bond Books

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Author of nearly a dozen best-selling novels, ecologist, war and human rights journalist, award-winning poet and international energy expert, Mike Bond has lived and worked in over thirty countries on seven continents. His works have been translated into many languages and have been praised by critics worldwide for their intricate plots, fascinating characters, extraordinary settings, and explosive pace. Based on his own experiences in dangerous, remote, and war-torn regions, his novels look deeply into the dark side of humans as well as the good…

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