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NewFromMike_75Saving ParadiseCover Shadowed SP

Political and corporate corruption, sex, dirty deals and murder in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Surfer and Special Forces vet Pono Hawkins hunts the killers of a beautiful young journalist, only to find them hunting him, and he blamed for her death.

            “A complex, entertaining . . . lusciously convoluted story.” – Kirkus

Cover Shadowed LSThe Last Savanna

A vast novel of the African savanna, its people, wars and wildlife.

SAS veteran Ian MacAdam leads a commando squad after the poachers of Kenya’s last elephants. The chase turns deadly when the poachers kidnap the woman he loves. Read More

“Dynamic, heart-breaking and timely to current events, Bond’s latest book is a must-read.”– Yahoo Reviews

House of JaguarCover Shadowed HJ

A novel of Latin America, guerrilla wars and drug flights.

A tense thriller of CIA operations in Latin America, guerrilla wars, drug flights, environmental catastrophes and genocides, based on the author’s personal experience as a human rights journalist there. Read More

“Tough and tense thriller.” – Manchester Evening News (UK)

Cover Shadowed HWHoly War

Manhunts, battles, love affairs and vengeance in the Lebanese and Syrian wars.

A British agent and French commando in separate manhunts for a Hezbollah leader as the Battle of Beirut blazes around them. A tale of terror, love and courage.

“A gripping tale of passion, hostage-taking and war.” – Evening News (UK)

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